Yulia Brodskaya Draws With Paper, Not on Paper


Yulia’s Art May be in Your Wallet

YuliaWhen you hear the name Yulia Brodskaya, you probably don’t recognize it, but you just might be carrying her in your wallet. Target and Starbucks gift cards and advertising for these and other retailers are just some of the places you may have seen her work. She creates impressionable art through paper graphic and typographic techniques.

 Brodskaya, 33, has produced over 200 projects for various clients such as Neiman Marcus and Paramount Pictures. The artist has caught the eye of major celebrities including Oprah Winfrey. Her work has been admired to the point that these clients reach out to her requesting commercial and personal pieces. 

“I get excited about some brief that is particularly creative or unusual or provides lots of exposure,” Brodskaya said. 

Committing to Paper Art

The married mother of two received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Graphic Communications from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. She worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in 2006, but left the field to pursue her love of paper art. She says she will continue to pursue paper art whether she receives a commission or not. Her reward is the inspiration she gets from working on different projects. 

“I think I would struggle doing just commercial or just personal work. However, it would be a real challenge to find time for the art if I had to earn a living doing something different. I’m lucky my artwork is successful in addition to the joy it brings me.”

The Experiment that Became “Yulia”

Her first piece entitled “Yulia” began as a design experiment to find an eye catching visual design for promotional use. While working on a brochure of her hand drawn illustrations, she was thinking of a unique way to make her name stand out.  She remembered seeing images with edged glue strips. This was the beginning of her experimenting with the art of typography and paper graphics.

 Unlike canvas work, she says working with paper is a lot more time consuming than drawing with a pencil or painting. However, she enjoys doing it so much that she doesn’t see herself doing other crafts. She says she will stick to the paper and the edged glue technique.

Yulia’s Artistic Journey Continues

She wants to continue evolving her work artistically and finding more varied ways to express messages and emotions through paper. She hopes to have an exhibit of her art in the future, but doesn’t want to rush it. In the meantime, she wants to continue to do more commercial and personal works. Her inspirations come from elements in nature like flowers and animals. Color is also  a critical element in her designs,  As she puts it “The more color, the better”.

 As mentioned earlier, Yulia Brodskaya doesn’t yet have any exhibits with her work on display. That is certainly not for a lack of volume of work or prominence in her field.  If you want to experience her work, however, it can be seen on her website at www.artyulia.co.uk

Yulia Brodskaya


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