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Passion for Fashion Awakens in College Margulis

Chicago-native Elizabeth Margulis, 24, also known as “Big Hair Big City” is making waves in the world of fashion as a commercial and editorial stylist. Growing up in Buffalo Grove, Margulis pursued a degree in marketing from Columbia College Chicago. That’s where she found her love for fashion. Margulis started styling four years ago with none other than the famous Helen Berkun. According to Margulis herself, Berkin was “fabulous in every way and really made me realize what I wanted to do.” From this came Big Hair City, her self-started styling services company. Big Hair City offers services in personal styling, image consulting, set styling for film and photo, rebranding, and even helps host personal shopping events.


Big Hair Big City Starts Off Strong



Starting off strong, Big Hair Big City has attracted the attention of some major players. BudLight, Coca-Cola, K-Mart, Discovery Clothing, and Acura have all sported some of Margulis’ styles. When styling her clients, Margulis pays attention to the trends (of course). But, beyond this, she really believes in building outfits that are right for your body type and season. “I want to make people feel good about themselves. And be fierce.” Home-grown in the Chicagoland area,The stylist that people are rarely thinking about what’s possible. “Chicago has the most amazing potential,” she says. “I want more brands and small companies to come here and build on it.”




Creatives Need Other Creatives to be Most Creative


While she covers a lot of territory with Big Hair Big City, Margulis says that one of the most important factors is creating a collaborative space. “The only way you can grow as a creative is to collaborate with other creatives,” she explains. “You can’t be the best at everything and that’s okay.” The first time I saw Big Hair Big City out and about was when she collaborated with Chicago pattern-artist Lefty at the SubChroma event featuring Com Truise. When asked what sparked the collaboration, Margulis responded with a simple, “we both wanted to create.” From this collaboration came her all-time favorite item in her closet – a custom hand-painted Birkin by Lefty.

Recently, Big Hair Big City did a video collaboration with and is gearing up for the next SubChroma event. Details for that event haven’t been announced yet. Meanwhile, Big Hair Big City is hosting her second Le Fair styling event coming up on October 23.


Clothes Express One’s Self

Even though her passion awakened in college, Margulis often reflects on when she really first started paying attention to clothes and shoes. She reminisced, “I would put on her makeup and drown myself in jewels.” Still loving to dress up, clothes mean much more to her now than they did then.  She says, “Clothes are an expression of yourself. They allow you to be who you really want to be in that moment. I really believe that the best way to cheer yourself up is by dressing up. It makes yourself have the confidence that you deserve, and confidence is key.”

MargulisAnd with Margulis’ outfits, her confidence is on point. The stylist confides that she can’t define her personal style as it varies from day to day. Instead, she likes to wake up in the morning, walk into her closet and “feel it out.” The finished product? Always something show-stopping.


Accessories Make the Outfit

“Accessories make the outfit,” Margulis admits. Growing up in her father’s jewelry store, Margulis has a lot of love for stones, jewels, and gold; but she doesn’t think that your whole wardrobe needs to be high-end. “I believe in mixing high-end with low-end. You can find a lot of great pieces at Zara, Forever 21, and TopShop and then amp them up with more expensive pieces,” she explains. For those of us on a tight budget, Margulis suggests checking out vintage and resale stores. However, she warns that “if you don’t have the money, you have to have the patience. And whatever item you add to your wardrobe, tailor it to your body!” Every curve is different, and Big Hair Big City wants you to know that.

Four Quick Tips on How to Dress

For those of us still wishing we knew how to dress ourselves, Margulis has four quick tips:

  1. The classic black t-shirt is super underrated.
  2. Stop wearing crocs.
  3. Color is back in! Add a refreshing pop to brighten your look.
  4. Most importantly, experiment. “Be open to what’s around you and take in the unexpected style. I’m constantly inspired by those around me or art that I see. In order to find yourself, you have to be willing to get lost.”


If you want to learn more about Big Hair Big City / Elizabeth Margulis, go follow her!

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Elizabeth Margulis

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