Mugzy: Gets to the Root of His Music


Who is Mugzy?

From Central Coast, Australia, Reyne Brady, 25, aka Mugzy, wants to use his music to show people that they can overcome any problem that comes their way. While most artists use their music to attain fame. Mugzy, however, uses it as a voice against naysayers and to help him deal with anger and depression.

Mugzy’s brother inspired his love of Music while he was growing up in Australia. His brother would listen to the likes of Eminem, 50 Cent, and even Bow Wow. His attachment to music helped him cope with the problems he had in high school.

Mugzy recounted, “When I was 14 I used to get punked and bullied a lot, to where I began to have suicidal depression. Throughout that year I bought an IPod and begin to listen to more Eminem and that gave me a voice in my head that said to fight back and don’t take crap from anyone.”


What Inspires His Music

In 2010 he released his first album, “Ride or Die”, and word got around about his music. Mugzy says the local celebrity feeling was motivation to continue to pursue his music career. The first song he wrote off the album was inspired by the G-Unit lifestyle of the early 2000s entitled ‘Bang Bang Bang.’ “Just from the title you can tell what it was about,” he said jokingly.Mugzy

His music is also inspired by Eminem. Mugzy considers the Detroiter the Elvis of hip-hop because he did what other artists before him couldn’t achieve.

“I know there were other white artists such as Vanilla Ice, MC Serch, and the Beastie Boys, but Eminem broke the barrier of hip-hop that was predominantly black.” Mugzy argues, “He gave white rappers a voice to be heard in the industry.”


Influences Behind his Second Album

His second album is “Understand Me”. It gives his fans more of him rather than the music that people want to hear at the time. “My Journey”, his favorite song to perform, narrates his journey from his life to his music in four minutes.

“It shows how I’ve gone from being a wigger, to depression, but in the end never lost my love for hip-hop. Also, it’s more of an aggression track with electric guitars and an orchestra that blows you away,” he said.

Mugzy said his music is for the people who just don’t care and is tired of rules and regulations. He says it’s for the people who just wants to be free and say forget the world.

Mugzy’s Love of Music, of Hip Hop

As an indie artist, he said the hardest part of doing music is making a living from it. But whether he’s successful or not, he will continue to breathe, eat and sleep hip-hop culture.

“I love it too much because I’ve adapted to it. I think however when you get to a certain age, like 40 or something, you may have to step back and consider giving it up.” Mugzy added, “I still know guys who are my dad’s age doing it and I’m like, ‘just give it up.’”

All through high school he would write small rhymes and work on his craft, but his first real crack in music was in 2009 when he did his first show in his senior year’s farewell assembly when his advisor heard his music before it was released and presented him with the opportunity to showcase it.

“When the curtains opened, I froze for a second as there were 100 people just watching me. I performed my track “Keep On Rapping” off of Ride or Die, and despite the mic messing up I pushed through it, and at the end, people were applauding yelling ‘Encore, Encore.’ It was an adrenaline rush.”

Dreams of Being a Star

Mugzy’s dream is to become a star in the industry. Yet, at times he said he pondered giving it up and doing something else. But he says that comes with the struggle. He said he’d rather take the risk day by day to do what he loves than to throw it away and get a nine-to-five job.Mugzy

“The only reason it [the industry] causes these thoughts because it is a cut-throat cheats you in life type of industry. So, for the people who are reading this are you prepared to walk down this road?”

How He Remains Original Against Today’s Music Trends

He said his originality comes from staying the in line with how hip-hop was in the 90s and early 2000’s. Nowadays it’s all about quick syllable rhyming and sounding the same as everyone else. “You can say I missed that bus of those following the trends. I just stayed at the bus stop,” he said.

When asked “what is more important in hip-hop today between the music and the image,” he said it’s both.  But he argues that artists blame the labels for the material they release instead of taking responsibility for their laziness.

“Image is huge, but also incorporate some originality that shows you are a part of the culture, unlike artist nowadays walking around looking like fashion designers. It makes me sick that they turned this culture soft.” 

What’s Up Next for Mugzy

 Mugzy is back to working on his third album, his first since 2013. He said he has been doing more acting but, as he has a list of beats on his IPod, he is ready to get back to the studio.

” I want my third album to be a 2 disk and pile as much creativity into it. It will definitely be a roller coaster ride.”

Besides music and acting, he dabbles in comic drawing and writing similar to the 90s film “The Crow”. But, he adds a gothic hip-hop twistHe hopes to collab with his idols including Eminem, DMX, Nas, and 50 Cent in the future. At the same time, he’s thankful for the success he’s had himself thus far.

Mugzy said he will perform some new music after his next album is released.  In the meantime his fans and readers can find his music at

“Everyone who is reading this, and if you’re feeling my music, than aye it’s free,” he said.


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