Ben Lane: How He Became an Artist, Model & Actor

Ben Lane

Ben Lane the Model, Actor, Artist and Social Influencer

Modeling, acting and art are just three of the fields in the arts and entertainment world that Chicago resident Ben Lane is passionate about.  Through his works, he attempts to promote unity, love,in and peace while being an advocate for societal changes.  Although he is a pioneer in the artistic world, the 29-year-old artist’s beginnings are vastly different from what his career and  life are now.

Teen Rebel 

While growing up in a single-parent household, Lane spent most of his youth as a rebellious teen. During his teen years, he left high school because  he then believed that school was not an option for him. Consequently, he spent his teen years working as an assistant manager at Foot Locker. Although he dropped out of high school to take a job, he believed that earning a GED was important for him.

Despite the fact that he didn’t believe attending high school was for him, he did make an attempt at college.

“School isn’t for everybody,” he said, referring to college.  “I had taken out loans early on to try to go to school but I never BEN LANEfinished and I gotta pay it back. You can’t attend if you don’t pay back, so that’s postponed for now.”

Trying out the Corporate World

With no degree, at  20-years-old he still landed a job at the attorney general’s office, thus starting his career in corporate America. However, for Lane, working in the corporate word was unfulfilling and he knew he wanted more in his life. He wanted to make a difference.

“Before I quit I was doing a lot of modeling and I did some acting,” he said. “I quit because I was at my desk drawing and it was like I knew I kind of didn’t want to be there. So I just quit and started drawing…”

Teaching Himself Art and Design

Lane became creative in his craft and passionate about his work ethic. He taught himself the detail, designs and concept behind his artwork not through classes at school, but by reading, and doing.

“I went to school in my own regard where I [would] go to the library,” he explained. “I buy books about art, how art mends with the mind, how creativity boosts different cognitive skills. You can just pick up a book versus going to school.”

Learning Promotions by Doing

Lane began pursuing his dreams as an artist through drawing, selling artwork and going to different vendor events.  He pursued these activities  to bring more exposure to his artistry. After a year into his career, he began to give back to his community through an art class that specifically taught people the logistics behind being an artist.

“I created a BYOB art class that shows people how to create art using recycled materials,” he said.

Modeling Young while Learning how to Be “Known”Ben Lane

He was exposed to modeling the age of 19. Later on, he experienced some acting through improv and different stage plays. Lane always had a hustler’s mentality when going for whatever opportunity came his way. While pursuing modeling, acting and drawing, Lane became more drawn to his artistry than anything else.

“During my down time I was reading and researching about art and being an artist, how do artists become known,” he said. “I believe knowledge is something [that] if you want it you obtain it. It doesn’t have to be [that] you gotta go to school to obtain knowledge. Some people go to school and don’t obtain knowledge.”

Evolving his Creativity and Identity

As Lane began to study how to be an artist, his creative concepts behind his artwork began to evolve.

Lane is creatively inspired by the world around him.  He believes that with inventive thinking, the issues in today’s society can be resolved. So, his purpose is to use his inventiveness to challenge others to think about life’s different potentials.

“What inspires me the most to get in the creative spirit is society, humanity, and the various issues that we face on a daily basis,” the artist explained. “The people inspire me because they give me hope. Hope for change.”

He continued. “I feel my purpose is to use my creative abilities to unlock the minds of those I encounter… Help people to see life’s true possibilities, help people find the silver lining. Help more people have HOPE.”

The Understated Power of Being Imaginative

Lane believes that provoking a person’s intellect is all about being imaginative.

“I want to spark the minds and hearts of people, so I get creative,” he laughed. “Asking myself what will give people a mental escape or connection.”

Lane feels that the more inventive people are the more mentally capable they are. He believes more inventive people are better with solving dilemmas and analyzing different situations.

“I believe the more creative people are the better they will be at problem solving, patience, and other important cognitive skills,” Lane said.  “Ben LaneI’m truly inspired by the world: I have to do my part.”

“My ‘Get High’ is my favorite piece. It was one of the ones that I woke up in the middle of the night and just started drawing,” Lane said. “Then after that, it’s my ‘Love Over Hate’ art series. I like those the most because it’s more society driven, inspired versus personal.”

Now Lane’s focus is on expanding his BYOB art class in Chicago and his clothing line called Lane 86. You can follow this Chicago artist or check out some of his work on Facebook and twitter @imbenlane and and to learn more about the interactive art fair visit


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