Chicago Singer Elishema: Creates Music That Promotes Love and Unity


Elishema Wants to “Put a Smile on Your Face”

“Too much sadness in the world, too much pain in the world. Now it’s time, time for a change.” Elishema said.

These powerful lyrics are from the single “Put A Smile On Your Face” written by an up and coming Chicago artist, known as Elishema.

Growing up in the city of Chicago, Elishema believes the culture of rap and R&B is very prevalent, especially in today’s generation.  She feels that her music should promote the unity, peace and self-improvement that R&B and hip hop previously advocated. She’s attempting to reach this generation through her love and passion for soul, pop and hip hop music.

From Chicago’s Englewood to Recording Artist

She was born on Chicago’s south side in the Englewood neighborhood. The singer, songwriter, producer and upcoming fashion designer grew up in an active family which included her mother, father, three brothers and three sisters. While watching her parents work in the music business, Elishema became very inspired and influenced by her family to venture out and start her own musical career. From touring all over the country with her family to now starting her own career, She has totally embraced the process within the music industry.

Finding Herself on a Search for a Deal

When trying to jump start her music career, She went on a search to find a record deal with a music label. While taking on the challenging task of trying to find a label and producer, the starlet faced difficulties as road blocks emerged.  She discovered that her style of artistry made it problematic for her to develop relationships with producers. Elishema focused more on making a change in the world and inspiring people. She didn’t want her creativity boxed into a one-dimensional style.

Her father is now her manager, She feels that he has given her the courage she has in creating her own sound. The singer made her career and the art of music her focal point as she began to study the work that had to be done behind the scenes of her performances. She realized that she wanted to be just like the greats that were set before her. Her spiritual mentors are people like Mariah Carey, Brandy and Pattie LaBelle.  So, Elishema has found inspiration in her performance and creativity from watching the best.

Emulate the Best to Be the Best

“If you want to be the best look at the best and try to mimic the best,” Elishema said. “Then from that develop your own sound.” Elishema

Marshall Thompson of the Legendary Chi-Lites stated that Elishema has great potential to be a phenomenal star.

“She’s going to be hotter than Beyoncé,” said Thompson.

Her father agrees.  He believes that with the gift and talent that Elishema has, she can be an even better artist than Beyoncé. Elishema feels that no level of achievement is out of her grasp.

“I don’t think it’s beyond me to get to that level. I’m capable of that because I believe that anything is possible. Maybe one day I will,” she said.

Her single ranked number 24 on ReverbNation, so she knows that she’s on the right path for accomplishing her mission.

Free to Move Her Mission Forward

“ReverbNation has exposed my music to a lot of people. It gave me a sense that somebody is out there listening and people were interested.”

Like her song “No” from her album “I’m Ready,” She is focused and driven to empower people of all races to come together and to be bold enough to love each other, but most importantly love themselves.

Elishema continues to become more flexible in her creative style of writing and production. She has started off this journey with her own record label, Inway Records. She has found a lot of freedom and success throughout her journey of becoming one of the best soul artists ever. Not only is she a talented artist, but Elishema is a gifted fashion designer.

“It made people remember me.” She expressed while discussing her style of design for her performances. Elishema likes to gauge her audience’s reaction. “Even until this day I still make my outfits and my background dancers outfits as well.”

Elishema has her own label and soon will have her own clothing line. Right now the star is working on her new album “Break A Sweat for Me” and she is working hard toward her mission of being one of the bests artists that she can be.


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