David Ubeda: How the Tough Get Going


Ubeda is on a Mission

The ever encouraging Ubeda has a mission. He wants to help you through what he calls  life’s Holding Patterns.  Best known for providing leaders with what he calls, the“blueprint to leave their fingerprint”, the self proclaimed life coach’s captive audience consist of business owners, and people of varying cultures, religions and educational backgrounds who find themselves stuck, without a sense of direction in their lives. 

David Ubeda, a University of Phoenix graduate, has inspired thousands on television, radio, and in live events. He has shared the stage with featured artists such as Tye Tribbett, Veronica Petrucci (Angelo & Veronica), Carmen, Israel Houghton, Freddy Rodriguez, and Brandon Roberson. He has also worked with organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago and the Chicago Department of Public Health. In his upcoming sequel, Feeling Stuck? Here are 10 Surprising Reasons Why, He expands upon the foundation he laid in his earlier works.

Transcending Life’s Holding Patterns 

He claims that life’s holding patterns can be difficult to escape or transcend. He wants his readers to know that being in a holding pattern, albeit remarkably uncomfortable, can be their greatest opportunity to discover their personal, professional, and spiritual best.

“Just six years ago, I was homeless, divorced, and unemployed,” shared Ubeda.  “But even in those times I knew there was something greater in store for me.  If you’re feeling there’s more to life for you,” he explained, “it’s because there is.”

Ubeda says many legendary leaders have followed practices similar to those outlined in his book, and others can be enlightened by intentionally implementing them into their lives on a daily basis.  “If you look at great leaders, like Nelson Mandela, who have faced insurmountable odds, they have very strong principles that guide them” he explains.  “These 5 keys can provide that guidance and boost the confidence of those who are ready to give up on achieving their life’s purpose.”

Keys to Achieving Your Life’s Purpose

The first key, Ubeda says, is Intentional Vision.  He believes that limitations are only interpretations. Ubeda suggest that in order to successfully navigate life’s holding patterns, one must be intentional about seeing oneself achieving that which does not yet exist.  “You have to see the vision before you can make it a reality,” said Ubeda. Ubeda

The second tool in his arsenal is Intentional Growth.  Ubeda encourages readers to identify their most impactful learning styles. “What is your learning style? Each person should understand how they best receive and disseminate information.  Your business relationships will grow in tandem with your growth,” he said.  “You have to keep moving forward—you’re either alive or you’re dead,” he explained. “There is no in between.”

Faith and Resilience

He also believes that in order to make it through the challenges of one’s holding pattern, one must have intentional faith. While he suggest that not all of his readers have belief systems he says they all believe in something.  “If you don’t believe in a higher power, believe in yourself,” he said. “Believe in your assignment, be proactive about your destiny.”  

He also touts the importance of intentional Resilience and Intentional Failure.  While this step may cause some frustrated readers to shut the pages of the book and head out for a drink, Ubeda says if you’re not putting yourself in a position to fail or take risks, you’ll never know how great you can be.

To find out more about David E. Ubeda or to book him for an upcoming event, log on to www.mrdeu.com or visit Ubeda’s Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/mrdeu7/


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