Dani King: Turning Her “No” Into Her Success


Dani King Determination from the Start 

How do you react when you hear the word “No?” Do you give up? Urban-pop singer, Dani King revealed in an exclusive interview with 1st Amendment Media that “My motivation is when people tell me ‘NO’…and If you tell me no, I’m going to turn around and find a way to do it …BETTER.” Dani King’s optimistic attitude when the word “no” is presented to her clearly has led her on a path to success.

Although, Dani King was born in Seattle and moved around a lot, she was raised in a suburb of Chicago. It did not take long for King to pursue her passion. In her bio, she admitted that she decided at a young age that she wanted to be the star of every high school musical and wanted to receive every solo in her choir.

Turning “No” Into “Yes”

However, when life did not go according to plan, Dani King reacted in the best way she could. She took life’s “no” and turned it into something positive. Determined to share her passion with the world, around 15-years-old, King accompanied by her parents started playing at bars for 200 dollars a night to pursue her passion. She would play covers of pop songs for about three hours a night.

Dani King

After high school, Dani decided to attend college in Nashville. There King was a commercial voice major and a business music minor.  King revealed that college helped her grow as an artist. Because of her course, she was practicing her craft, averaging about nine to 13 semester hours per semester.

“I mean it was hard. I mean they’re not easy classes either,” she confessed. “It’s challenging work, but I’m really glad that I did it.”

The Breakthrough Comes

It was during her last semester that Dani had her breakthrough. She was working with Stephanie, an amazing voice teacher, when she discovered she had more range in her voice than she had previously known. She worked hard in music school and also became more confident with her sound.

“Comparing myself to someone who sings like Mariah Carey is pointless because someone who sings like that can’t sing like me,” King said.

The Move to L.A.

College also served as a stepping stone for Dani King’s next step in her career. It was there that the singer was given the opportunity to study in Los Angeles or New York. After deciding she would study in Los Angeles, King fell in love with the city, and decided to move there permanently as soon as she received her degree.

“I absolutely, I absolutely love it… once I got my degree I moved right back here,” she shared.

Success and Social Media

Currently, King is active on social media. On YouTube, she is constantly uploading covers of songs that either she likes or that fans request. She explained how posting videos on YouTube was not hard for her to do.

“I wasn’t really nervous about that. I didn’t really think about that when I started posting videos,” she admitted. “That wasn’t something that worried me… What really worried me was getting my Instagram going.”

Her Best Image – Her Real Self

Her biggest concern was promoting the right image. When her close friend and photographer asked her what image she was trying to display, she replied, “it’s okay to be sexy, and sweet, and girly and pretty but also like tough and strong and scrappy.” Through her image, she wants to say to fans that it’s okay to just be you.

Dani King

“Be whatever you are, you don’t have to be confined to one label,” she said.

Her friend/photographer let King know that she was never going to be photo shopped. King told her “Let’s do it. let’s put me out there.” And the rest was history.

New Urban Pop EP

Aside from social media, King is in Los Angeles working hard on a new concept for her EP with a team that is headed by producer, Matt Leigh and is set to be released this fall. This EP is a total of five songs that covers the span of a relationship. She describes the music as urban-pop. Several of the beats are hip hop beats created by producer/engineer, Trent Waters.

Winning the Fight to Stay Positive

Dani King has been working on the album for a year and is excited to put it out there. During the writing process she would take the hip hop beat, without melody, and write over it as if it was a rap. Lastly, she would go into the studio, and sing her lyrics as she felt comfortable.

King shared that although she remains positive, it can be difficult when she is turned down.

“When they come back and tell me ‘no,’” the singer revealed, is the hardest part of the writing process.

Once again Dani King has met the word “no” but yet again, she reacts in a positive way and continues to push herself by writing more, even though in her mind the song or songs were finished. King is grateful for the help and reinforcement from her producer.

“‘He (Matt Leigh) really really forces me to work at it, which is great,” King said.

Urban Pop Meets Hip Hop

Even though her EP is urban-pop, Dani King covers fall under the genres pop or hip hop because that is the music she listens to. King talked about who she would love to collaborate with in Los Angeles. She stated that her favorite person at the moment is Niykee Heaton because Niykee Heaton was also told “no,” but did not let that stop her from making music. Now Heaton is on a sold out U.S. tour as an unsigned artist. Her story really inspires King. As for now, the singer is collaborating with a lot of DJs and does a lot of EDM features. She describes this process as different because she has to “carefully craft things to fit in and around the beats.”

Always Follow Your Dreams

Dani King encourages people to follow their dreams even when they aren’t seeing the results they’re hoping for.

There are always going to be people that’s going to be jealous or try to bring you down or try to put you down to make themselves feel better,” King replied.

Dani King continued on by stating that a teacher told her to find another hobby, but she just knew she was good enough to do it. King even admits that hearing the word “no” was actually the best thing for her because she realized that musicals were not the right fit for her. So, she found “a way to do it…BETTER.” She became a pop singer that is on the verge of releasing her new EP.

The truth is: At some point in your life someone will tell you “no”, but it is how you react to that “no” that determines if you will succeed or not. Urban-pop singer Dani King is an amazing example of that.


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