Darcy Donavan: The Pursuit of Passion


Career Rooted in Nashville and in Giving Back

Born in Miami, but raised in Nashville, Darcy Donavan began her music career at 8-years-old performing in children’s hospitals while raising money for hometown charities. Darcy big break came when she began performing her songs on Music Row in Nashville. Although she had gained a lot of notoriety there, something in her mind pushed her to move to Los Angeles. Upon arriving, she continued to further her career in acting and music. Darcy credits all her inspiration for her success to her grandfather who taught her how to play the guitar.

“My grandfather was the one who helped me to develop my talents in music and was one of my biggest supporters who encouraged me to follow my dreams. He was my mentor and a major influence in teaching me about music.”

The love of music is what they shared together, and when he passed away from cancer she had a hard time writing music knowing that he wouldn’t be there to hear her play.

Coming Back after Loss

“After some time had passed, I finally picked up my guitar and sat down on the bed in my room. With the guitar cradled in my arms, I began to strum my fingers across the strings. As I continued to play, I could feel the presence of my grandfather sitting right next to me with that big smile on his face watching with such pride.”


When Darcy plays the guitar, she says she can feel his spirit next to her cheering her on. Donovan decided to make a commitment to herself. Darcy vowed that should do whatever it took to be successful. Her writing abilities along with her stage presence  are both  direct reflections of this action.

Music and Acting Breakthroughs

“I started to build my career at this time as both an actress and recording artist. I did movies and television, and I was even on a soap.” Darcy recalled, “I was successful, but it wasn’t until being cast in ‘Anchorman’ that I would say that everything took off for me and catapulted me further into the spotlight.”

Other credits include “Parks and Recreation”, “Break Point”, “My Babysitter’s A Vampire”, and “The Carrie Diaries”. Currently, she has several television and film projects in the works in the upcoming months as well as two books.

Writing and Producing Ambitions

“My first is an inspirational book that my fans have been asking for which is coming out later this year. The other book is currently being drafted and will be later modified into a screenplay for a feature film series.”

Darcy is also interested producing her own music, releasing a clothing line as well as a perfume line in the near future. In the meantime, she is finishing new songs for her upcoming full-length album. She states that she doesn’t have a name for her album as of yet, but when she records a new song she let the songs name themselves, and she will do the same for the album.

Still Giving Back

Donavan is more than just brains, beauty, and talent. She is also invested in multiple charities. One is No Place Like Hope, an organization that helps abandoned and homeless horses.  Then there are several other animal rights charities she supports in Los Angeles as well as Nashville. While celebrated for her work with these charities she feels thankful to lend a helping hand.

“I was honored by the City of Los Angeles for supporting the Safe Passage organization, which works to stop domestic violence. I’m happy I can be in a position to help charities like these; it makes me feel really grateful for everything I’ve achieved.”

Darcy’s Gratitude

Being a part of the music business is tough work and requires a lot of dedication. Even though she started at a young age, there is always room for.

Darcy thanks fans for their continued support and knows that, with the amount of work and dedication she invested in her career, her grandfather is smiling down on her.

“I am thankful just for doing this interview. I also want to thank all the amazing readers and my fabulous fans for all your love and support! You all inspire me each and every day!




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