Flynt Flossy: Take a Ride With Turquoise Jeep



Flossy’s Jeep that’s Driving a Musical Movement

 Since 2009, Turquoise Jeep Records has established itself as a label with no boundaries. Founder and artist Flynt Flossy, aka F dot Floss and internationally known, says that there is meaning behind the label’s name. Turquoise means to be cool and the jeep is being a part of the movement of the music they’re making.

“I decided after being in the industry for a while, [that] there comes a point where you want to do your own thing. I got up with my partner in crime Whatchya and we became Turquoise Jeep,” Flossy said.

For the past seven years, artists from the label made their presence known through YouTube. Fans reach out to Flossy for opportunities to make music with them. They discovered their latest member, Moon Rock, on a talent search that still runs on their channel. Flossy said he’s a selfless person and has no problem with helping people get their time in the light.

Selfless Love to Support Developing Talent

“I love talent and love being the mind behind something, being the reason a song pops or someone gets their push. I’ll still be looking for artists while I do my solo thing, but that’s what I’m gonna continue to do.”

Empathetically he  asks what if no one gave them a chance and listened to their songs, or watch their videos? With their fans support they’re able to live their dream.

Their videos are a mix of production and green screen. The creation process for each music video Floss said, is like a picasso painting. Each artist have a chance to express themselves by putting input into their projects. “I’m a weird dude,” Floss said laughing.

Embracing Limitless Creativity

“I’m a unique guy; who is to say that the sky has to be blue or the grass has to be green. If I have an idea in my head, I just do it and with that I do what I can.”

Flossy, Yung Humma, Pretty Raheem and others on the label have a reputation for their gimmicks including masks, suave personalities, and colored hair. Each individual gimmick is a part of expressing themselves through their creativity. When Flossy looks for talent he looks for two things: people who are serious about their craft and being true to themselves. “I can’t deal with lollygaggers. I’ll rock with you if you be yourself,” Flossy said.

Flossy’s latest single “Tropicana In My Pocket” has more than 20,000 views on youtube. Along with his rap skills, he is known for his dance moves. In his videos  “Did I Mention” and “Sweat On Me” he shows he can rock with the best of them on the dance floor.

Dance: Flossy’s Passion and Expertise

“Dance is one of my strongest passions and I’ve been dancing since 15 years old. I’ve always knew I had rhythm, but that’s when I began to take it more seriously. It’s one of my [areas of] expertise. I’ll be 80 years old dancing,” He said.

One song in particular still buzzing on the internet is the 2010 release “Lemme Smang It” by Flossy and Yung Humma with over 14,092,059 plays. Beyonce’s “Run The World” feataures the dance from the video. Flossy knew the song was a hit, but didn’t think it would become big as it became.

“I wrote the hook and co-produced the track with Tummiscratch and Whatchya. I thought at the time let me get this to Humma.” Flossy continued, “I went up to him and gave him the track. He wrote his verses, it became what it was.”

Inspiration from the Classics to Hip-Hop

He says inspiration for songs comes from listening to a blend of different music, such as TuPac and Ace of Bace. In addition, Flossy pays homage to classic performers including Fred Astaire, Baby Face, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and the late Prince.

From the beginning of their “Fried or Fertilized” days to “Lemme Smang It”, he said the label has come a long way and is thankful for everyone who supported the movement. For fans who go to their concerts, they can expect high energy and crowd participation.

“Some people may look at our videos or whatever and go ‘what the heck did I just watch?’ But, those are the fans who understand the craft and those are the people who ride with us.” Flossy said.

An Independent but Collaborative Label

The label wants to remain independent. At the same time, it is open to working with anyone who has a passion for their art. Childish Gambino, Erk the Jerk, and Kosha Dillz are just a few artist who’ve worked with Flossy.  You can view all of the videos from Flossy and Other Turquoise Jeep artists on YouTube and their website Follow Flynt Flossy on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at realflyntfloss.


“Everyone who rocks with us we appreciate. We’re going to keep the videos coming and be touring soon, so be on the lookout,” Flossy said.


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