Catherine Collins

Catherine Collins: Simplicity Is the Core of Elegance

. The Constant Expectations of Glamour The expectations of glamour and seemingly effortless style and elegance placed upon celebrities – forever an occupational hazard – have,...

SpinOff Contemporary Dance Series Puts on Incredible Show With Works in Progress (PT.2)

, Dance Performance Incorporates Art of Storytelling "Excerpts of a new work Ma(s)king Her" isThe second performance of the SpinOff Contemporary Dance Series.  The Honey Pot...

Anila Quayyum Agha: Coming Full Circle

Called to Art by the Alhambra The Alhambra in Granada, Spain is a fortress and palace of rare and astounding beauty. It has been home...

Muntu Dance Theatre Presents Fall Concert Series, “Manifest”

Features Sister Company Nunufatima and  Celebrity Emcee  The celebrated, dynamic and always colorful Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago will present its falul concert series “Manifest.”...

Melissa Richelle: Real Estate Agent by Day, Comedian by Night

Don't Quit Your Day Job Don’t quit your day job just yet. According to Melissa Richelle, it may not be necessary to stop working to...

The Amazing Life Lessons of Mel Roberson

“Everybody has something great within them. It’s just up to them to figure out what their own unique potential is.”- Mel Roberson Learning from the...

Julian Keyz: Wants to Change the World

Keyz's's Origin and Lofty Goal Singer, producer, and songwriter Julian Thomas, aka Julian Keyz, 22, wants to make a name for himself in entertainment. In...

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